1.Market opportunities for smart wearables

2.Case study: The Apple Watch - Trends, Behaviors, and Observations

3.Creating the killer app: Making the most of a smartwatch’s possibilities



Ad tech for wearables is dubbed the 'third wave of digital advertising', and rightly so: advertisers are set to spend $68.6 million by 2019 on smartwatch ads by 2019 (...) Yet, there are many barriers of entry for advertisers: you just can't push TV or web ads anymore. Thankfully, we know how to deal with the new medium.
With a market estimated to be valued at $12.6 billion by the time 2018's over, wearables appear to be here to stay, with activity trackers and the Apple Watch ruling the scene. With a market that’s still open to new concepts, it looks like a good moment to develop your self-tracking projects or invest in a wearables startup - but creating the right app is the way to go. We’ve gone through some big data...
Plenty of iconic sci-fi movie titles seem to be thrown around in discussions of wearable devices (the cooler the gadget is, the more often you’ll get a Back to the Future reference). But we’re looking at a not-so-fictional (and not distant) future – will the trends in wearable tech turn into the reality of people buying the products? Let’s take a look at three industries and the smartwatch, the device with the second-highest projected adoption rate.
Apple unveiled the long awaited, Apple Watch on September 9, 2014. The first version of WatchOS was limited to pre-installed applications, but developers were finally able to create iOS extensions which were rendered on an iPhone and displayed on the watch screen. With WatchOS 2 developers finally can create native applications with many capabilities as well as access to hardware. Let’s see for ourselves how easy it is for iOS developers to prepare a WatchOS native application…